Saturday, November 8, 2008

Week 14

To Catch a Dewdrop

by Jackie Hosking

Between the wooden fence posts
Is where to set your net
Though best to try to make one of your own
You’ll need the smallest needle
And the most exquisite thread
For it must be the finest ever sewn

Imagine you’re creating
Reams of silken fairy lace
Each stitch must be exact without exception
Then hang it from the fence posts
Like a veil between the space
A doily matched by none in its perfection

Leave the net till morning
And then check it with the sun
Though best to go at dawn when day is new
Where you might spy some other nets
You’re not the only one
Cause spiders like to capture dewdrops too

Jackie says:
Spider webs are amazing. Spider webs at dawn, dripping with dewdrops are nothing less than magical and I've wanted to write about them for a long time. I've always found nature to be perfect, something that we, as humans cannot copy no matter how hard we try. Nature needs no help from us and that's what I wanted to get across with this dewdrop poem.

Jackie Hosking is an economical writer - she loves short and sweet with a twist at the end so poetry suits her very well. She has been writing poetry for children since 2004 and she plans never to stop. Her poems have appeared in The School Magazine, Comet, Rigby Blueprints and various other publications. Her favourite style is rhyme as she enjoys the challenge of searching for the absolute right word that says exactly what she wants it to say and that also, just by coincidence, happens to rhyme.
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